About us

We are Radiant Industries. Experts in Elevators & Escalators.

About Us Welcome to Radiant Industries

Enriched with experience of more than 24 years of working for Elevator and Escalator Industry, with Radiant Industries, you can be sure you are in safe hands. With several innovations to our credit, we can transform ideas or concepts of client to a workable solution considering cost, ease of maintenance, aesthetic appeal and durability.

All our solutions are based on our vast experience from our past projects, and with solid engineering background. Having worked for 14 years in reputed elevator multinational in their design section, we understand the requirement of the elevator and escalator company. This is used as a yardstick for the design and weight limitations. Keeping all the permissible factors in mind, all the designs are prepared, resulting in avoidance of reworks and redesigning, thus saving on time and money.

Our Services What we provide

  • Design

    Based on the design concept of client or the architect, we develop a basic technical indent. With our past experience and background this design indent is converted to engineering drawing and sent to the client for approval. Based on feedback from client, this is then converted to manufacturing drawing.

  • Engineering

    Weight is the prime factor in elevator interior work. Understanding this, all the design concepts by the client are weighed carefully and by providing equivalent options, a workable solution is reached. For all other cladding designs viz. escalators, travolators, posts, railings etc. designs are evaluated for manufacturing ease, installation safety, serviceability, sequence of installation at site and maintenance.

  • Fabrication

    All the components are manufactured on state of art manufacturing CNC machines with the latest process available. Experienced, expert and trained workmen ensure quality product.

  • Installation

    Our trained and experienced workmen are well aware of the safety standards to be maintained at site. Having worked for major clients, we follow the latest site safety procedure. All our installations comply to the design indent and are checked for clients requirements.

  • Repair

    All the designs are prepared keeping in mind ease of repair and maintenance. Our modular designs ensure that there is least time spent in repair or replacement. A strong data base is present to maintain the drawings of the components of all the past projects. This helps in recall during of the components drawing for manufacture during repairs and maintenance.

  • Service

    Having worked for elevator and escalator company, the service requirements are well thought of from the design stage. This helps in minimum downtime during service or break down maintenance.

Our Core Values What we provide


Our mission is to set highest standards of excellence in aesthetics and engineering solutions. Proactively working on clients requirements to provide world class services, products and unparalleled customer support.


To become a company which will surpass the client’s imagination in terms of design and aesthetics. To offer exclusive solutions to our client’s with new designs and materials resulting in
customer delight.


Consistently meeting or exceeding our customer's expectations for product quality and performance. Timely delivery of products and services to meet our customer's requirements. Continuous improvement of our processes, and systems.

Design must reflect the practical and aesthetic in business but above all... good design must primarily serve people. - Thomas J. Watson